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It Feels Great to be in Rehab in PA
Thank you so much for helping me kick my addiction. Without you guys and gals, I would be in deep trouble. I can't thank you enough for your reality check. I owe you.
, Pennsylvania Aug 15, 2011

Awesome Rehab Center
Houston Rehabs at its finest I have been to other traditional alcohol treatment centers and found that Rehab in PA was the missing piece that I need for me to achieve long term recovery. They showed me the right path and now I'm counting 5th month being clean and sober.
, Pennsylvania Oct 24, 2011

Commendable Rehab Center
I was impressed with the clean quiet location. I have looked at other places and found the people here to be caring and sincere.The price did not cost us all our savings. Thank you Rehab in PA!!!
, Pennsylvania Mar 14, 2012

Fabulous Drug Rehab
I had been dealing with alcohol and pain pills for several years. I called a couple places before this one but the staff at Rehab in PA seemed to actually care and give me the time of day to help me with my recovery. The house was very comfortable and kept me focused on my goals of reaching sobriety. I recommend this facility for anyone who is looking for help with drugs or alcohol.
, Pennsylvania Nov 23, 2011

Houston Rehabs The Best
The best! Rehab in PA was a blessing. I was released from jail to Rehab in PA. If it wasn't because of Rehab in PA I would be sitting in prison or dead. Now I have the opportunity for a second chance at life. Now I can live a life I've never imagined. Thank you Rehab in PA!
, Pennsylvania Sep 12, 2011

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